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PCSB Bank is your full service, family-owned community bank. In addition to providing the area’s best deposit and loan products, PCSB Bank offers the following services:

Deluxe® Checks

Despite being in a digital world, checks are still a convenient payment option. Browse the Deluxe® catalog at and find a check design that fits your personality and style. Don’t write very many checks? Look into the 30 check mini-paks.

Deluxe® Photo Products

Keep memories alive with photo checkbook covers and photo card carriers. These unique photo product accessories let you showcase memorable moments from your life. Go to and start designing today!

Safe Deposit Boxes

There’s no place safer than PCSB Bank for your important documents and valuables. We have a wide variety of safe deposit box sizes to suit your needs. Available at the Clarinda and Creston locations only.

Night Depository

All PCSB Bank locations have a night depository available for your use 24/7. If the bank is closed, simply put your deposit into the night drop and it will be processed on the following business day.

Wire Transfers

Domestic and international wire services are available. Please call ahead for wire instructions and more information about applicable fees.

Coin Machine

Do you have some loose change that you would like to cash in? Use our electric coin machine to do all the sorting and adding for you.

Cashier’s Checks

Cashier's checks provide a secure, guaranteed form of payment and are available for $5 each. Please be sure to have the payee’s information with you when you purchase the cashier’s check. Available at all PCSB Bank locations.

Notary Services

PCSB is happy to notarize your documents. Please call ahead to ensure that a notary is available at your PCSB Bank branch and for information on applicable fees.

U.S. Savings Bonds

U.S. Savings Bonds are safe, affordable, convenient, and now GREEN! Savings bonds can only be purchased online. Go to Treasury Direct to learn more and purchase an electronic savings bond today!

Serving Southwest Iowa Since 1866

And still going strong. We may have grown over the years, but our commitment remains the same.

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