No need for checking with this convenient card!


Prepaid Debit Card


The PCSB Bank MasterCard® prepaid debit card gives you the convenience of a debit card without the responsibilities of maintaining a traditional checking account at the bank. You can have your paycheck direct deposited to the prepaid debit card, get cash at the ATM, make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted, and more.

  • Better than cash — automatically add payroll, government benefits, tax returns, and other regular payments:
    • Use anywhere MasterCard is accepted
    • Pay bills — pay utilities, rent, and other bills online
    • Pay almost anyone in just 3 easy steps
    • Schedule automatic or periodic payments
    • Pay businesses, friends, or family
  • Load funds — to load cash or checks, visit any PCSB Bank location
  • Stay in touch by text, email, and online — get account information 24/7:
    • Direct deposit load notification
    • Transaction details
    • Low balance warning
    • Card balance updates
    • View transaction history online
  • Manage your money — your card comes with a free personal financial manager:
    • Create budgets
    • Get information on spending habits
    • Receive online alerts to assist with your monthly budget

Your wallet’s new best friend!